May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Expedition

to Crow Valley....

very wet. very wintery.

just water everywhere. Crossed some, just looked at some. 
When it comes to Crow Valley though,
I'll take freezing cold water, snow and wind over 
mosquitoes and snakes any day!

Robins don't mind.

Little Yellow Warbler. Yellow-Rumped around too.

Chipping Sparrow. and Towhees. and Killdeer.

Thrush. Swainson's?

Wren :)

Macgillivray's Warbler. Nice!

Brown Thrasher.... Miss those funny guys too.


GHO. Mom (or Dad) flew off to safely observe but left their

Ball of Fluff on their own.

From the front, so hunkered down!

A favorite, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher :)

So I've forgotten a lot of names; it's like seeing old friends again. Lark Spurs, 
Meadowlarks, and these guys: Lark Sparrows.

White-crowned Sparrow

On 96, Lark Bunting and Western Kingbird :)

and one very wet, very unimpressed Burrowing Owl.


May 26, 2014

Another Sunday at Running Deer

Nice quiet Sunday walk.

Hi Guys.

At the improvised pond: blue-winged teal.

About as good as it's going to get for swallows in flight!

Today's prize: Great views of a Green Heron.

and some deer. and many bunnies. 

May 18, 2014

A Little Bit of Spring...

Off for an adventure to Running Deer. All the recent moisture has meant new ponds [where there used to be] and I thought we better go take a look:

Looking for frogs…and snakes. We talked a lot about snakes today, in
preparation for a visit to Dixon or Crow Valley. (Always good to be prepared :)

Maisie will tell you that we saw "a lot of rabbits today."

I knew it was going to be a very good walk when we saw a 
Common Yellowthroat at our start. We always hear one in this 
spot, but much less often see them!

We walked as far in as we could, and then went a different way back….Uh Oh!
Flooded. Time for a U-turn :)

No, Killdeer, we are not going to bother your nest!

Sanpipers, redheads, Song Sparrows and more. More than I've seen 
in years at Running Deer, surely from all the new water/storms.

Snack time!

New for me at Running Deer (and all of Fort Collins) a loon!!!

So very nice to see my favorites passing through :) Wilson's Warbler.

Yellow Warbler. and bunches of Yellow-rumped too.